Trends come and go but basic last forever, however, every woman has their own way to style it so there are 5 wardrobes essential outfit that every woman must have all the time.

1. Plain white Tee

white tee
different ways to style white tee.

A plain white tee can layer with many numbers of looks i.e can be tuck in the jeans, skirt, short and we¬†can pair with anything and it will never fade the fashion. The T-shirt can be wear in all the seasons and it looks perfect on anyone or any body type. In every women’s wardrobe, there is a plain white t-shirt is a must.

2. Pair of jeans

pair of jeans
Good pair of jeans

Jeans that never go out of the fashion .and if you have a good pair of jeans that will give you a confidence whatever you wore and it worth investing in the pair of good jeans that can fit you because they last for years. As jeans are the best wardrobe essential that every woman had.

3. Black dress

black dresses
in different ways to style black dresses.

Black dresses can style from day to night. As black dress can never fade the fashion only one thing we put in our mind that choose the perfect dress and for what body type are you choosing as anyone can style it and wore it also. So make your own way to style with a black dress by putting on denim shirt on it or adding on accessories that will give you a great look

4. Pumps

pumps for women
style with different pumps for different occasions

Pumps can be worn with any outfits and can style it with your own way starting from the simple office routine to the late night parties or any occasion .every women have a classic pair of pumps and make your outfit perfect and will get a confidence to look good on them and they will never fade your style and that will always look great on anyone. everyone knows that fashion comes and goes but basic remain forever so pumps are the same which will last forever because pumps can style with any outfit any time in morning or night.

5. Leather jacket

leather jacket for women
different way to style a leather jacket

The leather jacket can style with jeans, jeggings, maxi skirts, dresses and so on and they will give a perfect look to your outfits with anything and everything. Style your leather jacket where you are comfortable in and in a shape that flatters your body. You can drape it around your shoulder which gives a classy look to your outfit. Most of the women prefer black color in the leather jacket because they give a little edge to your outfits but they come up with many different colours like tan or many shades of brown.

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